On-the-go recycling

As part of our ongoing efforts to make recycling even easier for residents and visitors alike in Ipswich town, we can proudly announce the installation of eight new dual recycling bins.

With eye catching designs to encourage residents and visitors to recycle plastic bottles and cans, our new bins segregate domestic waste from recyclable waste.

Our eight vibrant bins can be found Tavern Street, Westgate Street and Carr Street. The intention is simple, to capture the two most recyclable items that are usually disposed of in general waste bins in town centres.

The funding for these bins was secured through a national campaign led by the environmental charity, Hubbub, and funded by McDonald’s. The #InTheLoop grant fund was launched earlier this year to help local authorities and organisations boost on-the-go recycling. This campaign is specifically aimed at capturing those recyclable items that are most disposed of on our high streets.

Across all the #InTheLoop pilot projects so far, Hubbub says that over 500 bins have been rolled out capturing 2.5 million bottles (and counting!) all which have been recycled.

Find out more about Hubbub.