Rubbish Walks 

Love Your Street is pleased to be working in partnership with Jason Alexander (a.k.a Rubbish Walks) as he embarks on a mission to encourage conservation over convenience, one Rubbish Walk at a time. 

His work aims to help people, just like you, make simple changes to improve their health, happiness and the planet.

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What’s he up to?

Find out what Jason’s up to and how you can get involved.

#Ipswich wombles

Jason is working to bring the litter picking community together with this network of individuals, groups and businesses offering support, sharing ideas and coordinating efforts across town.


Jason does regular beach, river and street cleans and wants to encourage people to go on their own walks, picking up bits of litter along the way and disposing of it properly at the end.

#1 million butts

To highlight the issue of cigarette butts, Jason has set himself a challenge to collect 1 million cigarette butts.


An initiative that aims to encourage and support people to reduce their plastic waste.

Get involved

Show how much you love your street by getting together with your neighbours, family or friends and organising a community litter pick.

We can supply you with litter picking kits as well as collect the waste once you’re done (9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday). Simply complete the below form to enquire.

Keep in touch

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